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About the Author

Robert Arter-Williamson

Robert Arter-Williamson authored the nzButterfly.Info website to share information about butterfly species found in New Zealand.

His interest in wildlife began in childhood in England. After studies, working in the field and immigrating to New Zealand, his focus shifted to New Zealand’s native and endemic species.

Five years spent surveying in Devon, England, gave him the opportunity to contribute to the book "Devon Butterflies by CR Bristow, SH Mitchell and DE Bolton" (ISBN 0-86114-884-3 Devon Books, 1993.)

Robert’s work experience with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, England saw him working alongside two of the curators and authors of the above book (CR Bristow and DE Bolton).

Robert’s qualifications include:

Although fully qualified to be a conservation area or national park ranger, Robert decided to use his unique combination of skills to create nzButterfly.info. This is the only website of its kind in New Zealand with such detailed information about resident and migrant species of lepidoptera.

After breeding many Admiral and Monarch butterflies of his own, Robert is now seeking to set up breeding programs for other species to help boost populations and increase knowledge.

Since settling in New Zealand in 2001, he has travelled widely across the North, South, Great Barrier and Stewart Islands! This has gained him knowledge of the land and the topography of this country.

Robert currently works as a technician for a large ISP, which helps fund his butterfly spotting expeditions. Well respected amongst other lepidopterists, Robert continues to expand his knowledge, and share what he has learnt with other interested New Zealanders.

He is a former member of Devon Wildlife Trust and Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust.

Compiled by Vicky Steele and Trisha Allan.

Contents > About > Author