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Aims & goals of nzButterfly.info

Aim is

  1. To promote awareness of New Zealand Butterflies.

  2. To have comprehensive details on all Butterflies seen in New Zealand to provide education of which species exist, the times to see the different lifestages and locations you can spot or study these amazing creatures.

  3. To promote Butterfly research in New Zealand as there is still lots for us all to learn.

  4. To provide a tool for people to understand Butterflies and the supporting flora which Butterflies depend on to exist. Thus enabling them to be pro-active in Butterfly conservation and conservation of nature as a whole.

Goal is

  1. To provide a tool which aides research and distribution of the knowledge gained from this research.

  2. To provide people with an understanding of how Butterflies fit into the greater environment.

  3. To encourage conservation of our world, but understand it is a living entity and will constantly change to improve life.

  4. To help people realise they can help (however small it may seem) in conservation efforts by looking at their surroundings and environment as nature has lots to teach people who open their eyes.

Take a closer look, educate yourself and conserve what we have.

Contents > About > Aims & goals of nzButterfly.info