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Resident Butterflies
Admirals Honshu White Admiral
Limenitis glorifica
Red Admiral
Vanessa gonerilla gonerilla
Yellow Admiral
Vanessa itea
Blues Common Blue
Zizina otis labradus
Long-tailed Blue
Lampides boeticus
Southern Blue
Zizina oxleyi
Coppers Boulder Copper
Lycaena (Boldenaria) boldenarum
Common Copper
Lycaena salustius
Glade Copper
Lycaena feredayi
Rauparaha's Copper
Lycaena rauparaha
Monarch Monarch
Danaus plexippus
Ringlets Black Mountain Ringlet
Percnodaimon merula
Butler's Ringlet
Erebiola butleri
Forest Ringlet
Dodonidia helmsii
Common Tussock
Argyrophenga antipodum
Harris's Tussock
Argyrophenga harrisi
Janita's Tussock
Argyrophenga janitae
White White Butterfly
Pieris rapae
Migrant Butterflies
Common Blue Moon
Hypolimnas bolina nerina
Painted Lady
Vanessa Kershawi
Rare Lesser Wanderer
Danaus chrysippus

Very Rare Blue Tiger
Tirumala hamata hamata
Evening Brown
Melanitis leda bankia
Lemon Migrant
Catopsilia pomona pomona
Meadow Argus
Precis Villida Calybe

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