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Boulder Copper pictures of variations

Lycaena (Boldenaria) boldenarum (was Lycaena boldenarum and Chrysophanus boldenarum)

Classification changes

All the Copper Butterflies are under debate as to their classification. Presently nzButterfly.info is using George Gibbs classifications. But there is merit in the Brian and Hamish Patrick’s reclassification in 2012. nzbutterfly.info will be adopting the Patrick’s classification in the present website overhaul. This will increase the number of Copper species from 4 to 7.

The Common Copper is split into the Coastal Copper and Maui’s Copper. The Glade Copper has the ‘enysii’ variation becoming the North Island Glade Copper. The Boulder Copper is also split in two with the introduction of the Canterbury Alpine Boulder Copper. Finally the Rauparaha’s Copper is unchanged.

Notes: All links are to the relevant iNaturalist NZ observation page. These pages have the scientific names which are omitted here.

Spot the Butterfly!
Pictures of the underwings from around the country showing how well the variations match the local stone.
This is probably New Zealand's best camouflaged Butterfly.

Boulder Copper underwing at Whakapapa Boulder Copper underwing in the Cobb Valley Boulder Copper underwing at Wards Pass
Boulder Copper underwing in the Speargrass Valley
© Attapon Tansakul
Cobb Valley
© R Arter-Williamson
Wards Pass
© R Arter-Williamson
Speargrass Valley
© R Arter-Williamson
Boulder Copper underwing in the Lewis Pass
Boulder Copper underwing in the Otira Valley Boulder Copper underwing along Mt Cook Road
Boulder Copper underwing in Mt Cook Village
Lewis Pass
© Jérôme Albre
Otira Valley
© Jérôme Albre
Mt Cook Road
© Jérôme Albre
Mt Cook Village
© Jérôme Albre


There is presently 2 sub-species described, unfortunately nzButterfly.info doesn't have pictures of these yet. More details are on the main Boulder Copper page.

Contents > Butterflies > Resident > Coppers > Boulder Copper > Variations