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Sighting report

Apologies, this page doesn't email your report presently.

This is due to a change from the hosting provider (Oct 14th).
Please message your report at Tell.nzButterfly.info

Please help survey Butterflies in New Zealand
nzButterfly.info has teamed up with iNaturalist NZ to survey New Zealand's Butterflies. So if you have a iNaturalist NZ login, there is no need to report your sighting here as it will get double recorded.

Which Species of Butterfly did you see?
How many was there?
What was the Butterfly doing when you saw it? (tick all that apply)
What was the time of day?
Date of sighting (dd mm yyyy)
What was the habitat type?
Where was the sighting?
ie Tamatea, Napier (full address optional), Dome Valley, Lake Brunner or Mt Robert Range
Anything else to note?
If you want nzButterfly.info to contact you regarding the sighting, please leave you name and email below please.
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Contents > Sighting report